By signing this Meal Plan Contract, you have read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions as laid out in this contract. Please read these T&Cs carefully and keep a copy for your records. If you have any uncertainty with your diet, health, or on any medication or treatment programs, YOUNI strongly recommends that you seek medical advice before starting any YOUNI Meal Plan program. YOUNI is not liable for any illness or medical reaction caused by contact with or consumption of YOUNI Food (the “Food”). If you have any type of serious food allergy, YOUNI asks that you refrain from eating the Food.



Whilst we do everything we can to help you achieve your health targets, results from the purchase of the Food are not guaranteed. Slight deviation of
+/-10% of macros may occur during the weighing process which may lead to differences in total daily calories consumed. As a result, our meal plan calories and macros should only be considered as a best guide to achieving your health goals. For best results, the Food should be combined with daily exercise. Results will also vary from person to person. Furthermore results (measured in terms of fat loss and lean muscle gain) may vary from person to person for several reasons including but not limited to environment, genetics, metabolic rate, and physical exertion.

YOUNI reserves the right to refuse any order placed by you at any time prior to acceptance in its sole and absolute discretion.



Please note that upon signing and payment of meal plan contract, YOUNI does not offer any refunds or exchanges to our meal plan.



Upon providing the start date of your meal plan, YOUNI will continue to deliver food as per Clause 4 delivery terms without further notice.  If any changes are required, please refer to Clause 6.

In the event where products or ingredients are unavailable, YOUNI reserves the right to change the product range at any time and from time to time. In rare cases, a product that is shown as available on the website may become unavailable. Under such circumstances, the client agrees and acknowledges that no penalty shall be applied for such modifications and that subject to the above, the client waives all rights to claim any or other costs from Youni.

For optimal taste, please heat your YOUNI meals. YOUNI recommends you reheat your Food on the stovetop after taking the Food out of the box or alternatively heating your Food for 2-3 minutes should you choose to use a microwave.

If your meals are not eaten immediately, please keep all meals refrigerated. For YOUNI kiosk pick-ups, we will keep your meals until the end of business day. If you do not pick up your Food, due to hygiene reasons, YOUNI will discard and deem you to have forfeited your meal plan for that specific day. Under such a scenario, no compensation will be made.

It is your personal responsibility to declare all food allergies or food intolerances accurately prior to the start of your meal plan contract. YOUNI does not accept any liability for Food prepared based on any inaccurate or incomplete disclosure. You are responsible for updating any changes to all of your food allergies or food intolerances to Youni on a timely basis and prior to any use of this service by emailing hello@youni.com.hk and attaching supporting documents.



From time to time, YOUNI may use a third-party courier company (Delivery Company) to deliver the Food.

As a guide, YOUNI aims to deliver your meal plan every morning from Monday to Friday between 07:00am to 11:00am, however delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances, e.g. security clearances, road closure, etc. Under such circumstances, YOUNI will not be held responsible for delay of delivery.

The above delivery time is a guide only and YOUNI does not accommodate and guarantee specific delivery arrival times. Failure to deliver at such time will not constitute breach of these Terms.  For flexible time options, YOUNI suggests picking up at our YOUNI kiosk daily between 8:30am to 9:00pm.

There are no Meal Plan days on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), public holidays or on days with inclement weather (Typhoon signal No. 8 or above and Rainstorm or Thunderstorm Warning). Meal Plan days that fall on a public holiday will be automatically postponed to the next business day.

Meal Plans will be delivered to you at the specified address provided at the time of your order based on YOUNI approved locations.

Once the bag is delivered in accordance with your instructions, the bag and its contents are deemed to be your responsibility. For the avoidance of any doubt, where a bag is delivered in accordance with your instructions and subsequently goes missing this will be regarded as a successful delivery.

YOUNI reserves the right to apply a delivery charge on our food delivery orders outside of Youni outlet. Basic charge is HK$250 or above per week however pick up at selected Youni café is free of charge.

The courier will take reasonable steps to deliver the Food to you. If you feel that your delivery will require special instructions (such as gaining access to secure parts of your home or any other building in order to deliver your food), please notify us of this at the time of placing your order.

If, having taken all reasonable steps, YOUNI is unable to deliver your Food, YOUNI will attempt to contact you. YOUNI will only attempt to contact you to make other arrangements where you have expressly given us permission to do so. If YOUNI is unable to deliver the Food in such circumstances, YOUNI reserves the right to charge you for the Food that you should have received that day in any event.

The Food will be at your risk from the time of delivery. Ownership of the Food will pass to you upon delivery after YOUNI have received full payment of all sums due in respect of the Food. Neither YOUNI nor any delivery company appointed by Youni shall be deemed responsible for any theft of the Food from the delivery address.

YOUNI expressly disclaims all liability which may arise by virtue of the Food being left unattended for a period of time after delivery. This includes but is not limited to theft, tampering, contamination and the result of any change in temperature in respect of items which need to be kept chilled.


If your delivery address is excluded from the above delivery zone, please contact Youni head office before your purchase and we will consider on a case-by-case basis.  

No delivery service to International Commerce Centre (ICC), HSBC Centre and HSBC Main Building due to office building management policy. 


YOUNI provides Nutritionist Support Services for certain meal plan programs, which are provided by the YOUNI Nutritionist team.
Nutritionist Support Services are included in 4-24 weeks of meal plan program. If you want to receive extra Nutritionist Support Services, please email at hello@youni.com.hk and request for a Nutritionist Support Services, YOUNI will charge an additional service fee of $280 and provide twenty minutes of services to you.
YOUNI offers different number of times of Nutritionist Support Services for the following meal plan programs:

  • 4-week meal plan – 1 free Nutritionist Support Service

  • 8-week meal plan – 3 free Nutritionist Support Services

  • 12-week meal plan – 4 free Nutritionist Support Services

  • 24-week meal plan – 6 free Nutritionist Support Services

The content of the service is to understand and follow up on your diet condition, nutrition and dietary counselling services. Each service takes about twenty minutes and is available on Monday to Friday from 3 to 5 pm.
The Nutritionist Support Service is an one-on-one phone service, and the YOUNI nutritionist team will contact you to follow up approximately every three to four weeks.
Before the start of Nutritionist Support Services, it is your personal responsibility to declare all food allergies or food intolerances accurately prior the support service. YOUNI Nutritionist team does not accept any liability for Food prepared based on any inaccurate or incomplete disclosure. If you have any questions, the advice of your family doctor shall prevail.
After the Service with the Nutritionist, YOUNI may make changes to the existing meal plan programs. Changes include the size, nutritional macros, and dietary request. This change may requires an additional charge, and any approved changes and requests will only be effective 2 business days after BOTH email confirmation from YOUNI is sent and completed payment of service fee (via Paypal) if applicable is received.
If you do not want to receive the Nutritionist Support Services, please email at hello@youni.com.hk or reject the service as per the first phone call on Nutritionist Support Services.


Meal Plan program starts every Monday, each week meal plan program represents 5 days of meal plan.

Meal Plan program is serve from Monday to Friday, and there will be no meal plans for Weekends, Statutory and Bank Holidays.

Sign up meal plan contract cut-off is on Thursday midnight for next week’s Meal Plan cycle start.

If you would like to make any changes or requests to your meal plan, please note the following:

  • We only cater to changes or request sent by EMAIL and WhatsApp message ONLY. For reference our email is hello@youni.com.hk, WhatsApp no.: 63036333.

  • We understand customer work schedules can vary. Youni offer all customers the flexibility to make changes based on the following meal plans:

  • 1-week meal plan - additional changes or requests can be made on two working days in advance (before 5pm).

  • 4-week meal plan - additional changes or requests can be made on two working days in advance (before 5pm).

  • 8-week meal plan – cancellation of meal can be made on one working days in advance (before 9am); additional changes or requests can be made on two working days in advance (before 5pm).

  • 12-week meal plan – cancellation of meal can be made on one working days in advance (before 9am); additional changes or requests can be made on two working days in advance (before 5pm).

  • 24-week meal plan – cancellation of meal can be made on one working days in advance (before 9am); additional changes or requests can be made on two working days in advance (before 5pm).

  • Please note our business hours are between 10am – 5pm, Monday - Friday. Our office is closed on Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above, Rainstorm warning (based on Government Gazette), Statutory and Bank Holidays.

  • Any approved changes and request will only be effective 1/2 business days after email confirmation or WhatsApp from YOUNI is sent.

Different meal plans need to be completed within the specified time limit, and unused meals will be automatically cancelled without notice.

  • 1-week meal plan to be completed within 2 weeks of purchase date

  • 4-week meal plan to be completed within 2 months of purchase date

  • 8-week meal plan to be completed within 4 months of purchase date

  • 12-week meal plan to be completed within 6 months of purchase date

  • 24-week meal plan to be completed within 12 months of purchase date

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