Why You Are Really What You Eat

Have you heard of the saying “You are what you eat”?

When you really think about it, what you fuel your body with really makes up who you are. Nutrients from the foods you eat provide the basic structure, function, and health of every cell in your body, from your skin and hair to your muscles, bones, digestive and immune systems. You may not feel it, but you’re constantly repairing, healing and rebuilding your body. Every cell in your body has a different “lifespan”, so each and every day, your body is busy making new cells to replace those that have “expired”. How healthy those new cells are is directly determined by how well you’ve been eating. A diet filled with highly processed food that’s low on nutrients doesn’t give your body much to work with. A clean, nutrient rich, whole foods eating plan can help you build cells that work better, and are less susceptible to premature aging and disease. Apart from just generating new cells, you are also always repairing your existing cells.

This includes recovering from the wear and tear of exercise, as well as every day life (stress, pollution, stubbing your toe, etc). Your body is constantly working, building, rebuilding, with the fuel you provide, and the effects can be. seen and felt over time. That is the power of nutrition.


當你認真想這件 事時,其實你吃的食物建立了你的身體。你進食的食物 中的營養物質提供了你身體中每個細胞的基本結構,功 能和健康,從你的皮膚到頭髮、肌肉、骨骼、消化系統 和免疫系統。雖然你可能感覺不到,但你的身體仍保持 著修復,癒合和重建。 身體中的每個細胞都有不同的“壽命”,因此每一天, 你的身體都在忙著製造新的細胞來代替那些已經“過 期”的細胞。這些新細胞的健康程度直接取決於你的飲 食情況。高度加工食品的營養素含量低,不會讓你的身 體有太多精力工作。潔淨、營養豐富的食品飲食計劃可 以幫助您建立更好的細胞,並且不易過早老化和生病。 除了生成新的細胞之外,你還一直在修復現有的細胞。 當中包括恢復鍛煉的磨損,以及每天的生活(壓力、污 染等)。你的身體一直在不斷的工作、建設和重建,從 你向身體提供的燃料,隨著時間的推移可以看到和感受 到的效果,這是營養的力量。


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