Shunsuke Fujii, Banking

1. What is the reason you join YOIUNI meal plan and what result did you achieve? Did it meet your expectation?

While my family is away from H.K., I wanted to eat healthy without thinking too much about my meals every day. While keep training on a daily basis, I also wanted to eat effectively to build my strength. Through this meal plan, I could achieve both goals.

2. What did you like the most about our meal plan?

Menu keeps changing and not getting bored easily. From Chinese to Western, varieties of menus are huge and I was always looking forward to seeing what I received every day. And of course, it tastes good.

3. How's your experience?

Concierge service is very helpful that I just send messages to WhatsApp to ask whatever I needed to ask, e.g. changing delivery address for specific period of time, skip meals when I have a dinner plan, etc. During COVID-19 period, while lots of people are claiming that they gained weight, thanks to the meal plan, I could maintain my weight in a healthy way.

4. What's your favourite dish?

Seafood pasta, Sous Vide Steak, Pork Chop


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