Desmond Wong, Sales & Marketing

1. What is the reason you join YOIUNI meal plan and what result did you achieve? Did it meet your expectation?

I started a personal training program to gain muscle and Youni was an easy option to get the I nutrition needed to compliment my training. I have tried a few meal plan services before and I do think overall Youni offers the best balance between taste, value and convenience.

2. What did you like the most about our meal plan?

I like the flexibility of the meal plans and delivery convenience. Although the meal options are mostly the same week to week, there is enough variation to keep it interesting.

3. How's your experience?

The ordering process is a lot easier online than in store. However it is confusing to price check every time between store and online as you offer different discount sometimes. Delivery is mostly smooth.

4. What's your favourite dish?

Seafood base dishes, Omelette


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