Chloe Cheung, Banking

1. What is the reason you join YOIUNI meal plan and what result did you achieve? Did it meet your expectation?

The major reason that I’m choosing to eat healthy is because I care about myself and my body! Other than that, I’d also like to have more energy, increase confidence and decrease health risks. Youni has for sure provided me with all these as it’s so convenient - deliver to your door every day, which save you from going to the market and cook! I’m confident that if I stick to the meal plan of Youni, I’ll be able to achieve the goal in a few month. Another goal for me is of course to look good. Previously no matter how many times I work out, because I couldn’t control my diet therefore I haven’t been able to lose weight. But after joining Youni, combining with exercise, I have already lost a few pounds!

2. What did you like the most about our meal plan?

I enjoyed the variety of cuisine that Youni provides, sometimes it’s more Western, sometimes more Asian (Chinese and Japanese), instead of sticking to just one style which I have tried from other meal plan providers. Also, the Youni concierge is great as sometimes, we do make other lunch/dinner plan and Youni provides you with the flexibility to cancel the meal plan of the day by just telling them 1 or 2 days in advance! Also, they are able to cater delivery to different addresses, which makes the whole experience perfect.

3. How's your experience?

Every day Youni provides me with lunch and dinner, together with 2 snacks which are perfect for the afternoon, as well as the soup, all delivered to my door in the morning! They also come with very nice packaging and the label on it has shown the nutrition value of each meal. All I have to do is put it in the microwave and then it’s ready.

4. What's your favourite dish?

Drunken Chicken is my favourite so far.


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