Short answer? No!

Carbohydrates may have gotten a bad rep due to the a promotion of low carb  and ketogenic diets which theorizes that insulin levels should be kept low. As a matter of fat, all carbohydrates are converted to glucose by the body. A rise in blood glucose levels triggers the hormone, insulin, to convert glucose to either glycogen (which is the energy stores in muscles) or fat (if glycogen stores

in muscles are full). If you are a physically active individual, having carbs post-workout will help you to recover by lowering your cortisol that was increased during a workout as well as replenish glycogen stores in muscle.

Moreover, it is not that carbohydrates are bad, it is the choice of carbohydrate that may be bad. Consider jelly babies (pure glucose) vs sweet potato (complex carbohydrate). The jelly baby will spike insulin a lot higher than the sweet potato, notwithstanding that the sweet potato contains lots of other vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body – which as great as jelly babies may taste, they do not have. Moreover, carbohydrates have a calming effect as it raises serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that helps with mood.

In short: earn your carbs and choose the right kind of carbs, the lower GI the better.


簡短的回答? 沒有!


而且,碳水化合物不是壞的,碳水化合物的選擇可能不好。考慮果凍嬰兒(純葡萄糖)與甘藷(複合碳水化合物)。雖然紅薯中含有大量對身體至關重要的其他維生素和礦物質,但是果凍寶寶的胰島素含量會比紅薯高很多 - 這就像果凍嬰兒可能嚐到的一樣,但卻沒有。




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