Calorie controlled meals delivered to you and help you stay healthy.


for those looking to lose weight


for those looking for healthy lifestyle through balanced diet


for those with regular exercise looking to build muscle and optimise their results


Every month we offer 80 + different freshly cooked meals and snacks across 5 different cuisines to keep your tastebuds happy.

Shunsuke Fujii,


While my family is away from H.K., I wanted to eat healthy without thinking too much about my meals every day. While keep training on a daily basis, I also wanted to eat effectively to build my strength. Through this meal plan, I could achieve both goals.

Desmond Wong,

Sales and Marketing Manager

I started a personal training program to gain muscle and Youni was an easy option to get the I nutrition needed to compliment my training. I have tried a few meal plan services before and I do think overall Youni offers the best balance between taste, value and convenience.

Chloe Cheung,


The major reason that I’m choosing to eat healthy is because I care about myself and my body! Other than that, I’d also like to have more energy, increase confidence and decrease health risks. Youni has for sure provided me with all these as it’s so convenient - deliver to your door every day, which save you from going to the market and cook! I’m confident that if I stick to the meal plan of Youni, I’ll be able to achieve the goal in a few month. Another goal for me is of course to look good. Previously no matter how many times I work out, because I couldn’t control my diet therefore I haven’t been able to lose weight. But after joining Youni, combining with exercise, I have already lost a few pounds!





Jaysley Hung, CEO
Slim Fit Meal Plan
4/3/2020 - 29/5/2020 (3 months)

"My friend recommended me to order YOUNI Meal Plan as it controls the intake of calories and protein. After about three months, I feel so good and I lost 3 kg. This Meal Plan successfully meets my expectations. I hope YOUNI can create more innovative dishes in coming future!"

Stephen Kei, Lawyer
Bulk Build Meal Plan
17/10/2019 - 17/4/2020 (6 months)

"The main reason I order YOUNI is to eat healthier, I want to control my calories, because I don't want to gain weight. But I am not good at calorie counting, so I need professional help to do it better. YOUNI Meal Plan was able to meet my needs perfectly, the food I chose is nutritious and delicious. I am one of YOUNI’s loyal customers."

Cynthia Chung, Financial
Smart Meal Plan
10/2/2020 - 29/5/2020 (3 months)

"In the past year, I followed a personal trainer, but I have not reached the goal of weight loss. And because of the epidemic, it was necessary to stay in HK for a long time I decided to improve my diet and weight training to reduce weight. After 3 months, my body mass has indeed improved a lot: weight has dropped by 4 kg, while body fat has dropped by 5%. Following the Meal Plan did achieve my goal of losing weight!"

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